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Articles tagged with: Automated Control Systems

4 Reasons to Start Automating Your Home Today

The Huge Value Of Home Automation

4 Reasons to Start Automating Your Home Today

Technology is constantly becoming more and more integrated with our living experiences every day. There is a good chance that your next appliance purchase, thermostat purchase, or media system will have some kind of integrated technology functionality. Without home automation, however, the full potential of these applications may go to waste. There are numerous reasons to start automating your home now rather than later. Consider the following benefits.

TAGS: Automated Control Systems | custom home automation | Home Automation | Miami Home Automation | South FL Home Automation

Six Essentials You Should Know When Building a Dedicated Home Theater (Part 2)

Three More Tips for Building the Perfect Custom Media Space

Six Essentials You Should Know When Building a Dedicated Home Theater (Part 2)

So you’re well on your way to perfecting the coolest dedicated home theater in Miami, FL, but there are still a few things that you don’t want to overlook. In part one of this series, we took you through the importance of choosing the right screen size, how lighting and shading can affect your experience and how to utilize your room’s acoustics for optimal sound. In this edition, we’ll inform you about some more commonly overlooked parts of home theater design like integrated controls, hidden technology options and the finishing touches that can take you’re AV experience to the next level.

TAGS: Automated Control Systems | home theater design | integrated control system

What Should You Consider When Designing a Modern Conference Room?

Melody Discusses 5 of the Biggest Challenges in Upgrading Boardroom Technology in Your Brickell Office Space

What Should You Consider When Designing a Modern Conference Room?

As businesses continue to expand throughout the Brickell and Downtown Miami area, many offices are considering upgrading their spaces in order to put their best foot forward when meeting with new and existing clients. When clientele encounter your office space, what do they see? Your boardroom technology should enhance your customer experience, simplify technology for presenters, and add increased value to your space.

When planning a modern boardroom there are a wealth of features to take into consideration. Melody will be with you every step of the way whether designing a new conference room from scratch or retrofitting an entire building complex. Properly planning your conference room technology can ensure lower costs, a quicker install process, and an easier system to upgrade in the future.

Whether you are ready to renovate your business space or just doing initial research, keep in mind these five points when considering how to make the most out of your meeting space.

TAGS: Automated Control Systems | Boardroom Technology